Company Overview
We're Follett Corporation - more than 10,000 talented and dedicated associates who strive day in and day out to simplify the delivery of education for our customers everywhere by anticipating their needs and then delivering solutions that exceed our customer's expectations. We take pride in the fact that for more than 135 years, we have been helping to improve people’s lives by supporting a lifetime of learning and education.

Today, Follett generates more than $2.5 billion in annual sales by providing universities, libraries and schools and school districts with a wide range of educational tools and services that fuel the learning process and spark the imagination. We bring together our capabilities in traditional and digital textbooks, course materials, e-commerce and software to create a unique platform of support for our customers.

In fact, through our seven business units, we touch the lives of millions of students ranging from adults taking classes on college campuses and in cyberspace to grade school children surfing the Internet in their school library.

Follett Higher Education Group

We help institutions, administrators, faculty and students achieve a shared goal: to fully realize the powerful benefits of higher education.

From a small community college to a large state university system, from the heartland to the inner city, from the East Coast to the West, across Canada and the United States, the needs and requirements of institutions of higher learning are as individual as the students they teach. We are the nation's largest operator of college bookstores, with more than 800 locations. We also are the industry's premier wholesale book distributor—a leader in helping students manage the increasing cost of a college education. Whether it's a brand-new sweatshirt with a college logo or a used calculus textbook, Follett has always been the place to go. And as more and more shoppers go online, Follett is there as well— is now one of the largest online retailers on the Internet. We extended our online capabilities with the acquisition and integration of Varsity Group, a business that supports educational institutions with virtual bookstores that provide easy online ordering of textbooks and other educational materials and merchandise.

Follett Library Resources

We help K-12 school libraries stay current, focused and empowered to bring maximum value to the learning experience.

As the nation's largest supplier of books, reference guides, eBooks and audiovisual materials, Follett Library Resources offers much more than a phenomenal selection. Our industry-leading expertise and passion for exceeding customer expectations free school librarians, administrators and teachers to pursue their passion: educating our children and young adults. To meet the needs of today's educators, we listen first to understand the varied needs of their students. Then the Follett team, from account managers and special customer care managers to the associates who fill each order, leverage the full breadth of our resources to deliver the best products and services available anywhere. Our efficient e-commerce systems streamline the ordering process and make searches within collections easier and faster for librarians.


Product selection, breadth of capabilities and experience make the BWI name synonymous with success for public libraries.

Libraries are wonderful places to explore, places where whole new worlds open up to people of all ages. But today's libraries face a never-ending challenge to stay current and keep patrons coming back. BWI is the only resource in our competitive space that specializes exclusively in public libraries. That means no one understands the unique needs of public libraries better than BWI—and no one can match our tailored array of personalized, value-added services. Public library systems nationwide rely on BWI for their collection management and development needs, enhancing their ability to provide everything from a one-year old's first board book to the latest best seller on a leading-edge, self-contained mp3 player.

Follett Educational Services

We convert used books and related services into budget management value and bottom-line benefit for K-12 schools nationwide.

Pre-owned textbooks and workbooks. Classroom literature and study guides. Classroom reference and test preparation materials. Textbook management services, and more. At Follett Educational Services, we provide a comprehensive range of industry-leading products and services that maximize the value of every education dollar spent. FES customers reduce costs and generate funds by accessing our growing, industry-leading inventory of used textbooks or selling us textbooks they no longer need. Our customers and FES associates share a passionate belief that effective management of classroom assets reaches the real bottom line: the quality of our children's education.

Follett Software Company

We provide technology for managing K-12 school library, classroom and district assets-and leveraging data-to drive education excellence.

The demands on education today are growing; unfortunately, most administrative budgets are not. Follett Software is an industry leader, a pioneer in the development of integrated computer-based solutions to streamline, centralize and automate management functions so districts can put more resources into educational needs. Through our Destiny® product line, we provide automated solutions for managing a multitude of physical and digital assets in library and classroom settings. Our TetraData business provides data warehousing, analysis and solutions that help districts more effectively maximize the power of data to measure and achieve excellence in education, from the district to the individual student.

Follett Digital Resources

We help publishers plan, manage and distribute-as well as create, organize and deploy-digital content in a changing world.

As digital media becomes more and more prevalent, as the market demands more and more interactive experiences, tailored content and support services, the press is on publishers of all sizes to offer a digital component to what they provide libraries and schools. Our focus is to help publishers take the educational experience to a new level through tools that promote interaction between teachers, students and instructional materials that contribute to a truly tailored, individualized environment for learning. The Lycea® suite of products expands our offerings from management and distribution of digital content to empowerment of publishers to create their own. For the classroom, our new CaféScribe® digital platform provides teachers and students with a powerful online tool to purchase eBooks, highlight and annotate them, and share notes in a virtual study group environment.

Follett International

As the world is getting smaller, the demand for a quality education is getting larger. Follett International is there.

Follett International is a gateway. We enable libraries and American and British International Schools to access Follett companies' market-leading products and services-from books and educational materials to Web-based software solutions and more-through a single point of contact. We serve customers all over the world, including Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and South America. We are starting to broaden our role in empowering education, increasingly leveraging our global sales network and extensive relationships with publishers to serve the need of indigenous schools worldwide.
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