Company Overview
Our Mission - Shared Medical Services’ mission is to create lasting partnerships in the healthcare community and to provide the best possible care to every patient with our exceptional staff and our state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology.

Our Vision - Shared Medical Services’ vision is to:
  • Provide a responsible, quality product and service that will ensure economic strength in our company and in our partners.
  • Work with “shared network” partners and equipment manufacturers to provide the best possible solution(s) in all demographics throughout the country, regardless of population and/or demand.
  • Employ Team Members that understand and demonstrate the founding principles of Shared Medical Services
  • Lead the industry in providing first class diagnostic imaging care to our network of partners and their patients.
Our Values – Shared Medical Services’ core values
  • Excellence – We strive to perform all of our duties, services, and care with the highest degree of excellence, which the health care industry deserves and demands.
  • Innovation – We strive to create innovative solutions for “network partners” and their patients to continue to deliver state-of-the-art technology with first class services.
  • Collaboration – We appreciate not all solutions and services fit everyone’s needs the same. We welcome and respect open collaboration on all levels to promote and strive towards our vision and mission.
  • Respect – We respect the dignity and diversity of our team members, network partners, associates, physicians, patients, family, and community members. We promote respect through trust, honesty, privacy, and open communications.
  • Compassion – Patient care and compassion is our top priority! We promise to promote, teach, and present compassion to everyone that we work with.
Our goals - Shared Medical Services will operate in the following manner:
  • Contribute to the value of the health care system with quality and cost effective services.
  • Focus on the patients' needs and rights to health care that is the best our company can achieve.
  • Work as a team, be positive, and be attentive to the patient.
  • Educate our staff and clients on a continual basis.
  • Team Members & Patients can openly communicate to improve safety and quality to the SMS management team.
Company Summary
Shared Medical Services
Number of Employees
(877) 543-6908
209 Limestone Pass
Cottage Grove, WI