Company Overview
Marathon Cheese Corporation a national leader in natural cheese packaging. We provide custom solutions of all shapes and sizes for clients large and small, all with one constant mission—taking the needs of our clients from vision to reality. We grew a small town and a field of opportunity into a respected industry leader, and it didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken over 50 years of ingenuity and teamwork to make Marathon what it is today, and it’s our lasting dedication to those same qualities that continues to push us forward. We develop specialized relationships and produce customized packaging. Our solutions are crafted to meet our customers’ unique needs, from the shape of the package to the scale of the services rendered. With an endless selection of slices, chunks, shreds, and waxed items, we have the capabilities and the commitment to make every partnership a success. Marathon Cheese Corporation packages millions of pounds of cheese every year—and we hold every ounce to the same exacting standards. With in-depth laboratory analyses, quality assurance programs, and a rigorous schedule of plant audits, we deliver excellence in every product we ship. Put simply, we don’t compete with our clients. Thanks to a policy established by our founders, Marathon Cheese Corporation stands to this day as one of the only cheese packagers in the industry that does not sell direct to retailers, wholesalers, marketers, or food service operations—so your best interest is always in our best interest.
Company Summary
Marathon Cheese Corporation
Number of Employees
(715) 443-9468
304 East Street
Marathon City, WI